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In an increasingly international education market Newcastle Regulation accreditation supports institutional improvement and increases transparency for students, management, government and international partners

Newcastle Regulation accreditation is a globally recognised mark of quality achieved through an objective, detailed audit of your processes, policies and systems.

Newcastle Regulation is widely recognised as the most experienced, rigorous and independent accreditation service for the private education sector. We established the standard that others have sought to emulate.

We use a combination of self-evaluation and on-site inspections to measure success against our established benchmark. This process promotes improvement and ensures good practice across your organisation.

The Newcastle Regulation approach is not simply one of auditing and approval but part of an integrated approach to quality assurance in the sector. Our long and extensive experience means that we can help your institution show the quality of its provision, improve its performance and distinguish itself in the market.


In awarding accreditation Newcastle Regulation has four main purposes:

  • to support and advise independent institutions of further or higher education in the maintenance and enhancement of their quality of provision
  • to provide independent guidance to students seeking to undertake further or higher education in an institution outside the state sector
  • to provide assurance of the good standing of an institution to government departments and other interested bodies
  • to enable an institution to state publicly that it has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied Newcastle Regulation that all relevant aspects of its operation are maintained at a satisfactory level.

Since January 2013, the Newcastle Regulation has published reports on inspections of reaccredited institutions or successful new applicants. You will have the opportunity to comment on the factual accuracy of the report before it is published on the Newcastle Regulation website. For further information relating to the publication process please contact the Newcastle Regulation office.