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A firm authorised by us is known as a Newcastle Regulation Authorised Entity. We regulate and authorise our firms to provide legal work in specific areas of law. Firms must show us that they have the right processes and procedures in place to carry out legal work before we authorise them. They must comply with the Newcastle Regulation Code of Conduct. You can find and check a firm is genuine by using our Firm Directory.

Each of our firms has been authorised to provide legal services in one or more of the following areas of law:

  • Conveyancing
  • Immigration
  • Litigation and advocacy – Civil
  • Litigation and advocacy – Criminal
  • Litigation and advocacy – Family
  • Probate

A firm’s authorisation shows you the area of law the firm specialises in. A firm may also provide other legal services which do not require our authorisation. However, the firm will still be regulated by us for all legal services they provide.

There are benefits of using one of our regulated firms which include:

  • the Newcastle Regulation Logo
  • how you are protected when you use one of our firms
  • how we supervise our firms
  • the types of legal work carried out by our firms
  • how our firms deal with complaints

If you have a query about a firm in the directory, or a firm which says it is regulated by us, but its details are not in the directory, contact us at


Data release

We provide basic data on the authorised individuals we regulate for use by comparison websites.