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Regulated firms

Once you have your own regulated firm, you will need to make time to address the various issues that come with running your own business.

Some of these you may be doing each day; others less frequently such as annually or once in a firm’s lifetime.

However, we understand that having access to the right information in the right way is important. Whilst we can cover matters relating to our regulation and supervision, there will be other requirements that you will need to seek external advice on, for example, from an accountant, website manager or business advisor.

We have provided some links that may be useful to you within the Risk section, particularly around combating fraud cybercrime, and the management of risk.

Remember first and foremost, you are running a business, so you have to get that right. It just happens to be delivering legal services but could be selling widgets.

The sections can help you with:

  •  Anti-money laundering
  • Being transparent to consumers about price and service
  • Closing your firm in an orderly manner
  • Compensation Arrangements
  • Finding the right forms to use
  • How we supervise you, including annual returns, accountant reports, and changes to your authorisation
  • Links to Rules and Regulations through our Resource Library
  • Managing Risk
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • What fees you pay


Other support can come from:

  1. Newcastle Regulation Compendium – A summary of essential legal resources and reference material
  2. Newcastle Regulation Practice advice – by calling the membership number
  3. LawCare – promoting and supporting good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community