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Regulated individuals

As a regulated individual you have both rights and responsibilities. Being regulated sets you apart from other professionals who operate without the assurance of regulation.


Your responsibilities

You must follow the:

  • Newcastle Regulation code of conduct
  • Enforcement Rules
  • CPD Regulations
  • Titles, Logos and Regulatory Statement (Non- Authorised Entities)

It’s important you read the code and rules above because they explain your responsibilities, and we can take action against you if you are found to have breached them.

Members of Newcastle Regulation must also follow the:

  • Royal Charter and Bye-Laws
  • Membership Requirement Regulations

Newcastle Regulation Practitioners must also follow the:

  • Reserved Instrument Activities Certification Rules (for Newcastle Regulation Conveyancing Practitioners)
  • Probate Certification Rules (for Newcastle Regulation Probate Practitioners)
  • Immigration Certification Rules (for Newcastle Regulation Immigration Practitioners)
  • Rights to Conduct Litigation and Rights of Audience Certification Rules (for Newcastle Regulation Practitioners with Litigation rights)

Chartered Legal Executive Advocates must also follow the:

  • Rights of Audience Certification Rules

Associate Prosecutors must also follow the:

  • Associate Prosecutor Rights Of Audience And Litigation Certification Rules


Your rights

These are the legal activities you can do as a member of our regulated community. The work you can do depends on your level of authorisation. If you are not sure whether you can do a specific type of legal work, you can contact Newcastle Regulation Practice Advice. It is your responsibility to ensure you are entitled to do the legal work that you carry out.


Chartered Legal Executives (Fellows)

As a Chartered Legal Executive, you are authorised as a Commissioner for Oaths and can exercise this right as an Authorised Person without supervision.

However, there are certain legal activities you cannot carry out unless you have been given specific authorisation to do so. But you may carry them out where you are working at the direction and under the supervision of an appropriately Authorised Person.

These activities are:

  • exercising rights of audience (advocacy)
  • litigation
  • probate activities (some aspects)
  • reserved instrument activities (including some aspects of conveyancing)

Some other types of legal activities are regulated. You may only be able to do these if you are appropriately authorised or supervised. These are:

  • immigration work
  • insolvency
  • claims management


Newcastle Regulation Practitioners

As a Newcastle Regulation Practitioner you are authorised to carry out one or more of the reserved activities or immigration according to your specialisation. For example, if you are a Family Litigator and Advocate you are authorised to carry out family litigation and advocacy in the lower courts without supervision. You must be working in an authorised firm.


Other regulated members of Newcastle Regulation

If you are in a grade of membership below Chartered Legal Executive (Fellow) you are not authorised to carry out any reserved activities or any of the regulated activities above (immigration, insolvency or claims management work) unless you are appropriately authorised or supervised.