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Reviews and recommendations


Some firms publish reviews, or other feedback, about the services they provide on their own website.

There are also a small number of websites that provide feedback about different types of lawyers. These may provide reviews about a few of our firms, Chartered Legal Executives and Newcastle Regulation Practitioners.

Reviews can sometimes be useful when you are considering the quality of the service provided by a lawyer and could help you when you are deciding which lawyer to instruct. However, there are things you should think about when reading a review.

You should be aware that while you might be used to looking at reviews when choosing a holiday, or restaurant, it can often be difficult to know if a lawyer has done a good legal job because of the legal knowledge and skills required.

You should also note that some legal services may end with one side winning and the other losing. The way the case ends may influence the review about the lawyer.

It is sensible to use a review as part of a package of things you look at when choosing a lawyer.



You may ask someone you trust, such as a friend, family member or employer, to recommend a lawyer or firm.

Organisations, such as estate agents, might recommend a lawyer to you. Some organisations are paid by law firms to refer consumers to them. It makes sense to ask if a referral fee will be paid and how much it is.

While recommendations can be useful, you should think about all the other suggestions for choosing a lawyer alongside a recommendation. The recommended lawyer may have carried out very different legal work for the person recommending them than you need, and you should take this into consideration.