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Rules and Guidance

The following provide links to the rules and regulations governing Newcastle Authorised Entities.

The information will also support Newcastle Regulation members either running their own firms providing non-reserved legal activities and/or members of the legal profession considering applying to Newcastle Regulation for entity regulation.


Practice rules

  • Newcastle Regulation Accounts Rules
  • Newcastle Authorisation Rules
  • Newcastle Regulation Code of Conduct
  • Newcastle Regulation Compensation Arrangements Rules
  • Newcastle Regulation Professional Indemnity Insurance Rules
  • Strategic Risk Committee Rules
  • Newcastle Regulation Licensing Rules
  • Newcastle Regulation Transparency Rules



  • Roles and Responsibilities for Entity Regulation
  • Approach to applicant Entities seeking authorisation



  • Titles, Logos and Regulatory Statement (Authorised Entities)
  • Titles, Logos and Regulatory Statement (Non-Authorised Entities)
  • First Tier Complaints Handling Guidance
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Guidance
  • Fitness to Own Guidance
  • Newcastle Regulation Compensation Arrangements Guidance
  • Transparency Guidance
  • Transparency Rules Checklist