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What we publish

This is a list of information we will publish routinely. If you think there is something missing from this list, please let us know.  


Who we are and what we do   

  • Our management team  
  • Our board 
  • What we do 


What we spend and how we spend it          

  • Newcastle Regulation annual report and accounts  


What our priorities are and how we are doing          

  • Our strategy 2019-21
  • Newcastle Regulation annual report and accounts 
  • Admissions and Licensing Committee report
  • Anti-money laundering report
  • Enforcement rules report 
  • Strategic Risk Committee report 
  • Compensation fund annual report 


How we make decisions         

  • Board meeting agendas, papers and minutes 
  • Consultations  


Our policies and procedures       

  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Board, committee and panel periods of appointment
  • Governance transparency policy
  • Register of interests 
  • Service complaints policy
  • Unreasonable behaviour policy
  • Exclusions from Newcastle
  • Complaint process 


Our rules, regulations, guidance

As a regulator, we publish a wide range rules, regulations, handbooks and guidance for our regulated community. You can find all this material in our Resource Library